Preparation Before Enrolling In A Coding Bootcamp

Making The Most Out Of Online Coding Bootcamps
Making The Most Out Of Online Coding Bootcamps


You have decided to enroll in an online coding Bootcamp to either improve your skills or to get a good placement or both. Are you concerned about how to make the best out of it?

Yes, it is a big investment of time and money. It might be a rough path ahead.

Are you worried that you might not be able to catch up with it?.  Are you worried if all the money and time you spent on it will go to waste?. Then this blog post is just for you. Here we will share tips on how to catch up with the workload of boot camps and how to deal with it effectively.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are training programs that might be conducted within a fixed period and focus on accelerating the learning process in different topics around coding which can give you a jumpstart to achieve your dream goals. The classes are delivered either online or in-person or both.

These coding bootcamps mainly focus on graduates and students who are aspiring to either improve their coding skills or to get their dream job. Some coding bootcamps will also dedicate time toward giving placement opportunities for students.

Coding bootcamps also expose students to alumni and also improves professional networking. It also serves as a great platform for doubt clearance and tips from experts. It also provides an opportunity to stand out during an interview.

What makes coding bootcamp different from a college degree?

Coding bootcamps are not a replacement for college degrees. Coding bootcamps focus on improving the skills and expertise of graduates and students in college.

Recruiters in various companies are looking out for people who have skills and experience rather than a degree. A college degree is proof of your knowledge and not skills and experience. Also when working in a company, practical knowledge comes handier than theoretical knowledge.

Also, just having a certificate for completion of coding bootcamp and projects done is not just enough for getting a job. Having developed skills and experience in coding bootcamp only acts as a cherry on top of the cake for graduates. 

Most of the colleges and universities do not have updated syllabus and are teaching students old concepts. Companies are looking for people who are aware of the current technology and those who are up to date. Coding bootcamps provide exposure to students to new technology.

Joining a coding bootcamp can also increase your confidence in interviews and office settings.

A lot of companies are partnering with bootcamps to get access to skilled students easily. Joining a coding Bootcamp also helps students to increase the chance of recruitment as they are exposed to more companies via the collaboration of coding bootcamps and companies.

Joining a bootcamp would also show the recruiter that you are passionate about coding and are willing to learn more and they have options like CodeAgon.

Things to check before joining a Bootcamp

It might be difficult to know the quality of education provided in the coding bootcamps. Check for the review of alumni and check out how many people are joining in it each year. The number of people joining surely won’t determine the quality of education provided as people may consider many other factors such as fewer fees and flexible timing.

But looking into the enrollment each would surely give an insight into the number of people willing to dedicate their time and money. 

Before enrolling, understand your current skills and interests. Check out the courses the coding bootcamps have to offer. Your passion for coding is a very important factor to stay on track in coding bootcamps.

If you are not able to pay as lump sums due to any circumstances, try looking for courses where you can pay as installments. Coding bootcamps provided in Coding Ninjas allow students to pay fees as installments and also after they get a job. 

Joining courses where they guarantee placement is much more promising than the ones that don’t. Joining coding bootcamps where you can make payment after getting placed seems much more reliable.

You can also check into the collaborations they make with other companies to get an insight into how much you would get exposed to recruiters. Employer driven course and employee driven outcome is a good indication of qualification of the bootcamp.

You should also think about time management before jumping into bootcamps. See if the coding bootcamps don’t clash with your schedule and also check into the flexibility provided. You should also be willing to dedicate time to doing projects and participating in bootcamps.


Check into the prerequisites before joining any coding bootcamps. Making sure you have all the prerequisite skills mentioned in the coding bootcamp websites ensures a smooth sail in your bootcamp journey. The students should have very good problem solving and logical reasoning skills.

Some of the coding bootcamps will have entrance tests and interviews before enrolling in them, which would help you assess your eligibility and also might save your money. The topics that are insisted to be thorough will give you an insight into the prerequisite knowledge. You should be willing to dedicate at least 8hrs per week to coding bootcamps.

Do your research. Ensure that you have all resources to actively participate in coding bootcamps, both online and offline. Be addicted and enthusiastic about coding and the subject offered. Make sure that the courses provided fit your taste. Learn to love it. 

Things to do while in a coding bootcamp

Build up good professional relations with alumni who got placement in good companies to get access to tips and tricks on how to improve your skills and also get placed in companies. Coding bootcamp is a good opportunity to build professional relations.

Be active in projects and stay motivated. Make the best out of every resource provided and stay active. Challenge yourself and do your homework. Try to learn things deeply apart from what is taught to give a better grip on the topics and also to feed your curiosity. 

Ask questions. This not only triggers your curiosity but also your interest in the subject. The more you ask the more you know about the topic and the more you would be interested to dive deeper into the topics. Try to enrol in coding bootcamps that have speedy doubt resolution support. Coding Ninjas has a network of top performer alumni from IIT & Stanford who together form teaching assistants and is ready to solve your doubts at any time.

The more effort you put into it, the more you can gain from it. Practice is key. Keep practising your skills and try to solve new problems. This would enhance your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. Coding bootcamps in Coding Ninjas do focus on improving soft skills and thus helping you land your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the entrance test, do I have to be prepared with both aptitude and programming?

Yes, students need to be prepared for both aptitude and programming evaluations. However, candidates are advised to focus on a single area of expertise more, as one of the two sections need to be cleared in order to be eligible for the career camp.
Students who are good at coding are recommended to concentrate on programming while students who are more comfortable with mathematical or logical problems should focus on the aptitude portion of the test.

What is the duration of the Ninjas’ Career Camp?

The duration of the Ninjas’ Career Camp, a coding bootcamp is estimated to extend to about 9 months; however, including further grooming, placements and interviews, the process might take longer. The courses are completed within 9 months and then other skills are focused upon.

I am a graduate/final year student who has faced rejection in Tech Interviews in the past. Will the situation change after attending the Ninjas’ Career Camp course?

Yes, certainly. Coding Ninjas is a recognised platform across the country and even abroad. Ninjas Career Camp prepares the candidates well enough to be self-sufficient and desired by multiple firms while Coding Ninjas also does everything in its power to get incredible placement opportunities for you.

Is there a guarantee that I will get a job?

Coding Ninjas always tries to ensure that its alumni get the best career options, and it has been upskilling thousands of students till now. Many Coding Ninjas alumni are working in the top IT or software companies, and companies hold this program in high regards.

Most chances are that you will get a job with expert help and newly acquired skills. However, if by chance (only Hack Plan) due to any reason, one is unable to get a job, he or she does not require to pay the fees to Coding Ninjas.

How will I benefit from Industry Mentors?

Industry mentors are there to share their experiences and knowledge with you. These industry professionals have the necessary skills to solve your doubts and prepare you for future interviews and job roles as well. These professionals are working in various top corporations and can impart experiences from their companies as well.

Which roles will I be eligible for?

After this course, one will be eligible for multiple Software Development Engineer roles such as Backend Developer, Analyst, Frontend Developer, Database Manager, Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer and UI Developer.

Which companies hire from Coding Ninjas?

Many companies such as Google, Amazon, Flipkart, American Express, Microsoft, Cognizant, Facebook, Bajaj, Schneider Electric and Tech Vedika hire students from Coding Ninjas.

How do I get my doubts resolved?

There are multiple opportunities to get doubts solved, both in interactive webinars and one on one. There are personalised doubt-solving sessions and multiple opportunities to talk to industry experts when candidates have doubts. Coding Ninjas has also ensured that teaching assistants are available on video and audio calls to solve doubts whenever required.

What if I land up in a job by myself or through any other source apart from Coding Ninjas?

Payment conditions will remain unchanged in this case, as Coding Ninjas prepares you for jobs in general and not any particular job. The career camp improves your skills and knowledge, which is one of the fundamental goals of this coding Bootcamp; hence, payment commitments must still be honoured.

Where will the classes be conducted? What are the course timings?

The classes can be attended according to individual needs. Many of the students are working or are in college, so this coding Bootcamp has been designed to be as flexible as possible. It will be quite easy to manage time for the course. However, students are requested to dedicate 15 to 20 hours every week to this course in order to truly extract the maximum value out of this career camp.

What are the salary packages offered after completing the Ninjas Career Camp?

Salaries are being offered to students ranging from 5 lakhs per annum to upwards of 20 lakhs annually. An average Ninja is offered about 7 lakhs per annum with an average internship fetching more than Rs. 20,000 as a monthly stipend.

Key Takeaways

Joining a coding bootcamp is a very good step to improve your chance of getting your dream job. It not only improves your skills but also gives you a good resume and experience which would, in turn, increase the possibility of you getting hired.

But there are a lot of coding Bootcamps available and you might be in a dilemma on which one is the best to choose. This decision must be made carefully since you’re the one to dedicate your time, effort, and money. Check if the courses provided will match the topics you are interested in.

Check the reviews of alumni and also which companies collaborated with the bootcamp. This will give an insight into the quality of education provided and also helps you from wasting your money.

By Ranjul Arumadi