Meet the Ninja Alumnus!

Meet the Ninja Alumnus
Meet the Ninja Alumnus

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination and enjoying the whole process is what matters more rather than reaching your destination. This is what Onkar thinks about overcoming professional challenges and we totally second that. His choice of words generate a positive energy and that makes us eager to know more about him. So, let’s get into the blog and get to know him a little more. 

About Onkar Lapate 

Hailing from Pune, Onkar completed his Mechanical Engineering from PVGs College of Engineering and Technology. Today, he is associated with Bombay Softwares as an SDE-1. 

Prior to joining Bombay Softwares, Onkar was working in a service based company when he decided to make a career shift. He wanted to work with the blooming product based companies and it was then when he decided to enrol in Coding Ninjas.

Journey with Coding Ninjas 

“Due to lack of support and consistency in my preparation I needed someone to guide me and that is the reason why I chose Coding Ninjas. Besides, there was not much study material available on the web where I could learn sequentially with a proper curriculum. Cut to that, when I joined Coding Ninjas, I felt like I made the best decision ever. I enrolled myself in a Web Development and Data Structures & Algorithms course. The mentors and the provided video lectures were of really good quality.”

“Talking about the doubt support, I would say the teaching assistants were available in 5-10 minutes of asking a doubt. That was really appreciable!  The curriculum is so structured that it kept my consistency at the best, be it through multiple assignments or the deadlines. Moreover, I had taken the premium package , so I got the advantage to review my profile from time to time due to which I was able to make a good portfolio.” 

Are the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas still helpful ? 

“Yes, the most prominent thing is Data Structures and Algorithms which is of great help till now. Along with that, learning the best practices to code and the  consistency it has brought in my routine will be something that  will always make me indebted to the organisation.”

What did you do differently to bag an offer from Bombay Softwares? 

“Before answering that I would like to share that I come from a Mechanical Engineering background which was kind of a hurdle for me in the first place. Thereafter, I was placed in a service-based company. There I was given a non – IT based project which was completely different from my domain. These factors made it difficult for me to get selected in any company. Did I give up? No, I decided to follow the normal process. The startups mainly look for people who can work from day 1 without giving any training. Knowing this, I stayed consistent with my lectures, assignments and coding so that I could be clear with all things I was good at. In my opinion, these things made the difference.”

What does a typical day at Bombay Softwares look like? 

“So, for any Software Developer their day starts with pulling the remote code. Currently, I start my day working on a Python based tech stack. Apart from that, I develop the backend of the websites followed by analysing the code and looking after the changes made in it. Apart from that, if there is any requirement in any task, I take that up first. The main part is learning about the new frameworks and going through the documentation of the frameworks along with the languages. Besides, communication and taking feedback are a part of my daily routine.” 

What are the skills required to grow beyond the role of an SDE 1 at Bombay Softwares? 

“I would say your coding skills should be excellent as it will be used and taken by many people in your team. It should be readable and scalable. Other non technical skills which are required are good communication skills and taking ownership of the work you do. These two things are some of the most important skills which will help you grow in any organisation.” 

What makes you unique on a personal level? 

“In my opinion, my strongest point is that I grasp things quickly. I am someone who likes to make the concepts very clear rather than mugging them up. These are the two things which make me different from others.” 

What are your strategies to overcome professional challenges? 

“I believe, to overcome a certain challenge, the whole journey is very important. First thing should be to enjoy the process. Secondly, before starting any task you should have a plan and a plan B. Being aware of where you are is imperative and then comes execution which is again an essential step.”

Any career building ideas for budding coders?

“First and the foremost, if you have taken a course from Coding Ninjas, then trust them.  If, at any point of time you feel stuck somewhere, talk to your relationship managers and mentors. They are there to guide you through. Don’t leave coding in between, it might take a lot of effort at the very first,  but slowly and gradually it will become normal. So, remain persistent and determined. If necessary take small breaks, but don’t quit. Lastly, focus on building projects so that you can mention them in your resume to put a good impact on the interviewers.”

School of thought that you follow in life

“Focus on the process and you will get the desired result.”

Message for Coding Ninjas’ family! 

“I would like to thank all of them for giving me the essential learnings and much needed guidance. I would even like to appreciate the doubt support team for being there whenever needed. Moreover, I will always be delighted to be a part of this community.” 

Summing it up! 

Hope you enjoyed reading Onkar’s journey with Coding Ninjas! If you too want to share your story with us then do write at