Meet the Ninja Alumnus

Meet the Ninja Alumnus
Meet the Ninja Alumnus

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”, is one of the famous quotes by Swami Vivekananda. This alumnus of Coding Ninjas has made this quote his mantra to achieve his desired goals in life. With this, he gains the strength to overcome his weaknesses and grow much stronger. Let’s know about his journey a little more. 

About Lakshya Kothari 

Lakshya is currently pursuing BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from Medi-Caps University, Indore. He will be joining Tata Consultancy Services as a System Engineer in 2023. 

Before joining TCS, he was also offered job opportunities from Capgemini and Principal Global Services to which he opted to go for Tata Consultancy. Moreover,  after completing his course with us, Lakshya was also associated with Coding Ninja as a Java Mentor. 

Journey with Coding Ninjas 

While talking about his journey with Coding Ninjas, he shares “When I was in the second year of my college, I started learning the Programming language C++. Since then I started to follow a few pages related to coding wherein I came across the Java and Data Structures & Algorithms course. Soon after that, I got myself enrolled in it and since then it was never looking back”. 

He delightfully adds “It provided me a great platform to learn as the video lectures were finest of all. From faculties to the Teaching Assistants, each and everyone was really supportive in times of resolving doubts. I remember,  when I started programming, I was skeptical about which platform to choose for learning to code. Cut to that, when I joined Coding Ninjas and came across their integrated platform CodeStudio, I was astonished by the quality of study materials for my preparations. Truly, the time with the Ninja family was totally worth it”. 

Are the lessons learned from Coding Ninjas still helpful?

“Definitely! Being a final-year student, the lessons learned are valuable. During my placement season, I used to rely on their study materials most of the time. The lectures and concepts are so beautifully explained that it doesn’t need deep diving again and again, just a basic revision helps it all. Moreover, the lectures have improved my problem-solving skills to a great extent”. 

What did you do differently to bag an offer from TCS? 

“I made sure to use the study material for my preparations. I was consistent and used to practice the assignment question that was provided to us. I would advice to keep things as simple as possible. If you stick to a particular platform’s study material and even complete that judiciously that will be more than enough. I have seen people often hoping onto several platforms for preparing which makes it more complex. Never do that”. 

Where do you see yourself after a few years in your corporate journey?

“I want to sit at a respectable position. I believe, if I am devoting my 100% to the organization, then the same should be reverted back over time and experience. I aspire to work hard and be in that very position someday in the near future”.

What does a typical day at TCS look like?

“Since I am yet to join TCS in the office, however, I have a friend who is working as a System Engineer at TCS. It was great to know that they are given the opportunities to work on different real-world problems. I am just patiently waiting to join the company in office and that day I will connect with you to answer this question more efficiently (laughs)”. 

How are you upscaling yourself before joining TCS?

“Currently, I am practicing problems based on Data Structures and Algorithms to improve my problem-solving skills. This is something that will help me in every stage of my professional journey”.

What makes you unique?

“Something which sets me apart is that I set my own targets and work according to them. Once I make up my mind to complete a task, I make sure to complete it. These traits, in my opinion, sets me apart from the crowd”.

What are your strategies to overcome professional challenges?

“I believe, the challenges will depend on the projects and different technologies which I will be working on. However, as of now I am just focusing on building my problem solving-skills. Adding to that, I am working hard on my grasping skills so as to overcome the challenges in a short period of time”.

Career-building ideas for budding coders

“My advice to them will be to follow the lectures and practice the assignment questions thoroughly. Once you complete them explore high quality questions on CodeStudio. Another important point is to give the contests regularly. It lets you know your ability to solve the questions. In CodeStudio, we basically solve questions in the constraints of time, so through that we learn how to manage time during the tests”. 

School of thought you follow

 “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached, Swami Vivekananda. My only mantra to abide by in life”.

Message for Ninjas’ Family

“I am delighted to be a part of Coding Ninjas’ alumni community and would love to meet everyone in person. To the management, I would say it was well structured and great guidance was provided time to time. A few times the Teaching Assistants were late to respond, however it was compensated by the way they cleared the doubts”. 

Summing It Up! 

Hope you enjoyed reading Lakshya’s journey with Coding Ninjas. If you wish to share yours too, then do write to us at