A Coding Bootcamp That’s Right for You

A Coding Bootcamp That's Right for You
A Coding Bootcamp That's Right for You


Coding Bootcamp is becoming increasingly popular among individuals who are pursuing a degree in computer science or someone who wants to switch jobs. These online Bootcamps are courses spanning mostly about seven to eight months and cover almost everything about the particular programming field you choose.

These are extremely good as they give you intensive accelerated learning. An important feature of bootcamp is that it is most practical in approach and whatnot, your skills are put to test by building projects and solving real coding problems.

Choosing the right Bootcamp can be a bit of a tedious task, as you will have to choose which is the best one, checking if it’s within your budget, ensuring the curriculum is covered or not, etc. Keep your worries aside, as here we break down the steps for you to choose the Bootcamp that’s right for you!.

Developing Programming Fundamentals

If you are a beginner at coding, first you may have to enhance your fundamentals. Many coding boot camps help you develop your fundamentals.

You have to choose those online Bootcamps which have a curriculum covering the fundamentals of programming.

Over the years, the language and frameworks have remained temporary, they keep on changing but the process remains the same. So choosing a Bootcamp that will enhance your programming fundamentals is good as it will help you cope with changing technologies.

Learning the fundamentals can help you choose what career path you want, whether it’s back-end development or front-end development or if you want to focus on a particular stream like learning data science, etc.

If you are targeting a particular language 

If you have experience in coding and want to study a particular programming language, then there are many coding Bootcamps that are specific to a particular language or to the development side like full-stack web development, Python Bootcamps, etc. If you are choosing to learn a particular topic in programming, say data science or machine learning, then target those Bootcamps that will help you reach your desired goals.

You can make the most out of bootcamps by doing projects, completing the homework and assignments they give from time to time, and referring to resources they tell you about in their course. You can also learn extra by exploring on your own. The most important thing is to keep practicing.

Check Your Learning Style

If you are the type of person who can teach yourself without any guidance, and by just using books and reference videos, just go for it. But if you are of the type who wants a bit of guidance in understanding the concepts properly and grasp everything of the subject you want to attend, it is best to have a mentor or find a helping hand from the community. 

Talking about the community, most coding Bootcamp offers you a common platform to post your question on their platform, which will then be answered by the expert handling the Bootcamp or by their team associates, or by individuals who have enrolled in that course.

Some coding Bootcamp provides you with 24-hour support, live Q&A sessions, and one-to-one person interaction classes, etc. Coding Bootcamp that offers these features is great for a positive learning experience.

Your Availability

Check your availability. Figure out if you want to become a full-time Bootcamper or part-time Bootcamper or want to take the course at your own pace.

A full-time Bootcamper often needs to give their day’s entire schedule for the Bootcamp. These classes are attended in person or via online platforms. Here almost 50-60 hours per week have to be dedicated to the coding Bootcamps.

If you are a working professional and want to cope up with your job, it is advised to take part-time or self-paced Bootcamps. A part-time Bootcamp requires you to attend classes on weekends or nights. These take a longer time than full-time coding Bootcamps but do the job right.

Nowadays a lot of coding Bootcamps programs have come to online platforms. Some platforms help you take your course on your terms whereas some require you to take it 1-2 hours per day. Self-paced coding programs require you to have a strong determination to complete the course. But even if you stop it or put it on hold at some point, you can continue it whenever and wherever you want.

Your Financial Status

Some boot camps ask you to pay the entire amount beforehand. This can be a burden for many students. Whereas some Bootcamps such as the Career Camp conducted by Coding Ninjas have hack plans where the student can pay in installments after they get a job. In addition, they don’t even have a registration fee. How cool is that!.

The Curriculum

Before you choose a boot camp, it is important you choose a Bootcamp that covers most of the topic. Most boot camps will post the syllabus in their respective sites for the individual to go through the topics covered in the course before registration. Always go through their curriculum and check whether everything that you require is covered.

Reviews of the Bootcamp

If you are still confused about choosing between Bootcamps, go for the reviews of the Bootcamps. Most people who have taken the course, give their reviews about how it was during the course of Bootcamp they were enrolled in.

They tell whether the contents are updated or outdated or if the explanation of the person explaining the contents is not up to level and so on. Make sure to check the comments of college students and working professionals in the computer field, as they give their honest reviews about what exciting features to expect in that coding Bootcamp.

One of the exciting Bootcamps that are available is that of Coding Ninjas, where each topic is explained by professionals from that field. Each topic is explained in a clear, concise, and simple manner. Their course extends to a length of nine months which makes you industry-ready.

Moreover, it is not only just coding they teach you, mock interviews, interview questions and other training materials make you ready to attend any interview once the Bootcamp is completed. They also have an amazing support and placement team for placing you in top companies.

What more can one wish to get out of a Coding Bootcamp!.

Key Takeaways

Coding Bootcamps give you the best quality education of the skills you want to learn, according to your choice of convenience and your financial status. Coding Bootcamps are the best way of enhancing your coding skills by learning them from the ground up and doing projects in them.

Moreover, it helps you to land a highly paid job. 

By Ranjul Arumadi