A Coding Bootcamp That You Can Trust

A Coding Bootcamp That You Can Trust
A Coding Bootcamp That You Can Trust


Placements season is at its peak with top colleges maximising the chance of hosting tech bigwigs. This leaves a slim window for students from Tier II & III colleges to stay optimistic.

Arnav Choudhary is a Computer Science graduate from the HRM Institute of Technology and Management of batch 2020. He has successfully bagged a six-month internship and PPOP of 10 LPA with AdmitKard. 

However, Career Camp, a coding bootcamp by Coding Ninjas is not about big promises or degrees, but about enabling your true potential. Once a student can get through the phase of self-doubt, that is when the team at Career Camp comes into the picture right from the preparation of mock interviews to scheduling placement interviews. 

 How did you get interested in programming and development?

I was around 4-5 years old when my father bought a computer for me and my sibling. At that time, our computer had a 128 MB Ram and it ran DOS. 

Honestly, I got fascinated from then only. I was a shy kid and did not take part in many activities in school but I never left any activity which involved computers and robotics. 

Perhaps I was in 9th grade when I made up my mind about pursuing a career in computer science. Once I took part in a National Robotics Challenge in 11th standard and my team handed over me the responsibility of coding the Robo and that is when I realised that I was getting completely lost in it. 

Soon after, I started college and it was during my first year of graduation when a friend recommended me Coding Ninjas. After a thorough review and Q&A, I got enrolled in the offline Java with DSA course. The course was awesome and it intrigued my interest even more and that is where the real journey began. 

How did you come across the Career Camp Programme?

 After completing my first course with Coding Ninjas, I took up another course i.e, a Competitive programming course in the fifth semester and an Aptitude Development course in the sixth semester. Since I trusted the team at Coding Ninjas, I enquired about the Career Camp Programme about which I came to know through their email campaign. And they say, the rest is history! 

What made you opt for Career Camp?

 It was mainly the trust I had in Coding Ninjas and the lack of placement opportunities in my college that made me enroll in this coding bootcamp. 

Initially, I was apprehensive as I already had three job offers via on-campus placements but since all of them were service-based companies offering low CTC, I thought of trying my luck here. 

The minimum guarantee offered to me by Coding Ninjas was 6.5LPA and I believed I could crack it. But still, I wasn’t confident if it was the right decision, so I discussed extensively this coding bootcamp and my future with the counsellors and the faculty at Career Camp. 

Any factor you liked about Career Camp?

Well if you’ll ask me, I gave my 100% to it and it was an amazing experience. The best part about this coding bootcamp is its regular webinars and mock interview sessions with mentors. I also loved the motivational webinars by Ankush sir. To me the weekly web development projects test were the best part towards the end of the programme, they filled a lot of confidence in me and gave me a boost. 

 Tell us about your interview procedure in detail?

 Well, the selection process with AdmitKard was pretty rigorous. And it involved five rounds as follows:

Round 0 (Assignment Round): We were given two days to solve an assignment. Two basic assignments were given based on ReactJS, MongoDB and NodeJS and we were asked to choose one and submit it through GitHub along with a demo video. I chose the assignment where I had to build a login and sign up screen with a working OTP system.

After the selection in round 0 we were told that there will be four technical interview Rounds.

Interview Round 1: This round was taken by an intern and all aspects were tested including DSA, Frontend, Backend, puzzle etc. I was asked to demonstrate my Github and run a demo of the submission assignment.

Questions on JavaScript included the following: 

  • What are closures?
  • What is hoisting?
  • What are polyfills?
  • React functional vs class components
  • Virtual Dom
  • A basic mongoose query

Two array-based questions on optimisation:

  • Find the frequency of a given element in the sorted array in O(log n) time
  • Find an element in a sorted matrix in O(n) time

A standard puzzle from Geeks For Geeks, Given a lamp with some specific time and a bridge some people have to cross a bridge.

“If your basics are clear you’ll be able to clear it easily but this was the round where there was most elimination so even if you miss out on a question, try to convince the interviewer as to why you weren’t able to get to a solution. And just a small suggestion, if you know the approach please try to write the code as it puts a really bad impression if you avoid writing the code,” he added. 

Interview Round 2: This round was taken by an SDE – 2. It was mostly focused on Backend which features the following questions:

  • Design an authentication system
  • System design question on Railway ticketing system
  • Basic MongoDB query
  • Which all NPM modules have you used?
  • A question on React: write a code to render e-commerce products. Overall a tricky round but manageable if you have done projects on full-stack development. 

Interview Round 3: This was taken by the Tech lead. This was the trickiest round in which the design patterns were discussed on college projects as well as other projects he had built. 

Given a website he was asked to give some points to improve it. One hard puzzle based on logic and geometry was asked.

Interview Round 4: This round can be skipped but since I emphasised working on the front-end more this was also taken by the UI lead. 

He asked to code the whole round with the following questions: 

  • Print prime numbers upto n
  • Optimising the above ( I used sieve of Eratosthenes solution, taught in first Competitive programming class). Honestly, I did not remember many optimisation techniques since I was focusing more on Web development but because I did a lot of practice before I was able to solve it. 
  • A standard puzzle (25 horses)

How was your experience with Coding Ninjas?

It has always been amazing, from faculty to counsellors all of them are motivating and polite. It has been amazing to study under them and I truly recommend them to everyone. 

Features of Online Coding Bootcamp

The registration for the June 2021 batch of Career Camp, an online coding Bootcamp is open and a student can register for the entrance test on the website. Meanwhile below are some features of Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp, India’s most loved online coding Bootcamp.

Coding Classes & Live Webinars by Expert Faculty:
Our faculty is from the best institutes around the world such as IIT Delhi, Stanford, and more. They also have work experience in tech giants like AmazonFacebookAdobe which makes them exceptional.

Pay When You Land A Job:
Students are given a period of 10 days to pay the lump sum (complete amount) after getting a job offer. If a student chooses to pay through instalments they can pay as per the plan devised by our finance partner with zero interest.

No Security Deposit/No Registration Fee:
There is no registration fee required to be paid by the students when they appear for the entrance test.

Zero Upfront Cost:
In the case of our Hack Plan, Students have an option to either pay a lump sum or in instalments for upto three years. They will have to sign the deferred payment agreement for the Hack plan. Once they are placed they will be expected to pay 15% of their CTC for the next three years

12 Mock Interviews with Industry Experts:
1:1 Mock interviews with industry stalwarts to groom you for your dream job. There will be 12 such sessions focusing on both tech & interpersonal skills.

1:1 Domain Expert Sessions:
Get industry insights & tips from our 1:1 domain expert sessions. There will be 15 such sessions helping you gain depth of knowledge in topics of your interest.

Work On Live Projects & Participate in Hackathons:
Our expert faculty will guide you in building live projects giving you additional talking points in your interviews. Participate in our exclusive hackathons & coding contests to test your skills against your peers.

Dedicated Placement Support:
Internship & placement opportunities are tailormade for your profile. A dedicated placement team for resume building, soft skills grooming to ensure you get your dream job.

Live Doubt Resolution via Audio/Video Call:
Solve your doubts instantly on live chat, audio/video call with a dedicated TA. The TA’s are the top-performing alumni dedicated to supporting and clear doubts at any point in time.

21 Months’ Access To All Course Videos & Questions Asked In Interviews:
Gain access to all course-specific videos curated by our expert faculty and solve questions on various programming topics frequently asked in the interviews of reputed product-based companies.


My advice to everyone would be to just pursue what you wish, don’t listen to anyone, just go crazy behind whatever you want to do and believe in yourself that you can do it and one day you’ll surely succeed.