Coding Bootcamp In 2021: Your Complete Guide

Coding Bootcamps In 2021: Your Complete Guide
Coding Bootcamps In 2021: Your Complete Guide


Do you want to increase your chance of getting hired by the companies? Do you want to stand out from others during interviews? Or are you just trying to improve your coding skills? Then this blog is just for you. Coding Ninjas provide access to you with the best online coding bootcamp in India with skilled faculties from institutes such as Stanford, the IITs, IIIT-D, and DTU. These camps don’t just improve your skills but also offer placement.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding Bootcamp is an intensive training program that helps in accelerating the learning process. It is a Bootcamp for coding and career preparation. It is a jumpstart for young programmers to land their dream position in the company. Online coding Bootcamps can help graduates to get into internships.

What is Ninjas’ coding bootcamp?

Ninjas’ coding Bootcamp is a 21-month long career program for programmers and aspiring web developers, with 9 months focusing on learning and the next 12 months focusing on placement. This Bootcamp not only helps in developing your coding skills but also provides dedicated placement support with pay after placement course option.

The classes are based on a well-planned syllabus and conducted via interactive classes. This coding Bootcamp is one of the most flexible coding Bootcamp which allows students to pay fees only after they get a job.

Prerequisites for enrolling in Coding Bootcamp

The candidates should have very good problem-solving skills and logical reasoning skills. The entrance test will assess your basic coding skills and so knowledge of coding is necessary. Candidates are also expected to have good aptitude skills. The candidate must be either a final year student, graduate, or professional with a relevant degree.

The candidate must be able to dedicate at least 8 hrs per week to Coding Bootcamp and should have the willingness to learn.

Admission Process

The process consists of five stages as follows:


There will be an admission test that would be conducted to help faculties to assess your skills and determine eligibility. To attend the admission test fill and submit the application form provided on the Coding Ninjas website.

Online Test

Upon successful registration, admission links would be provided which would be valid for 7 days from the date of registration. This test is a screening process for the next round which is the interview round. The test consists of questions related to aptitude and Fundamental programming.

This test has 15 MCQ questions and 90 minutes is its duration. There are separate cutoffs for aptitude and programming sessions. Attending this test would help the faculty to assess your skills and determine the eligibility to attend the coding bootcamp.


The candidates shortlisted based on the test results admission test will be invited for an interview round. It will be a one-on-one interview to screen your application for admission.


The candidates who successfully went through the interview round will be given admission to the coding bootcamp.


Payment can be done via Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking methods. You can also opt for a No Cost EMI facility from our NBFC partners. With all these options this makes the course an affordable coding Bootcamp for low income and students

Phases in Career Camp

The coding bootcamp lasts for 21 months where the initial 9 months are for learning and the next 12 months are for focusing on placements.

This whole coding bootcamp experience can be divided into 5 phases.

Phase 1 (0 – 4 months): Get started with Programming and master Data structures

By the end of this phase, the ability to solve coding problems is enhanced. Over 350 coding problems would be given to improve your programming skills. The topics that would be covered in this phase are 

  • Data Structures and fundamental programming
  • Optimization of code 
  • Recursion and OOPs concept
  • Organizing data
  • Access and store complex real-world data effectively
  • Dynamic programming

Phase 2 (5th and 6th month): Build Some Amazing Responsive Websites

In this phase, programmers can enhance their skills by deploying web app projects. Four projects are expected to be completed by the end of this phase. Students should attend two mock interviews and one-on-one sessions alongside 2 to 3 webinars every week.

This phase focuses on enhancing skills on the topic such as

  • Building responsive and interactive websites
  • Get ahold of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ajax, and JQuery
  • Work on real-world projects such as calculators, games, and music players

Phase 3 (7th and 8th month): Write scalable backend servers using Nodejs

Students should attend two mock interviews and one-on-one sessions alongside 2 to 3 webinars every week. Four projects are expected to be completed by the end of this phase. 

This phase focuses on enhancing skills on the topic such as

  • Using Node.js for writing backend servers that are scalable
  • Creating servers
  • Using databases to store data
  • Building APIs
  • Creating applications with the help of Node.js
  • Creating good projects such as fitness trackers, social media websites etc.

Phase 4 (9th month): Learn another amazing library for frontend, React

Similar to the second and third phase there will be conduction of mock interviews and one-on-one sessions and webinars planned out for students in the 9th month as well. By the end of this phase, the candidates will be well skilled at the front end.

This phase focuses on enhancing skills on the topic such as

  • Using one of the most preferred front-end libraries, React
  • Enhance your JavaScrip skills 
  • Using Redux, React Router, Context API, and React Hooks
  • Work on excellent projects

Phase 5 (After the 9th month): Additional skills and gear up for placements

This phase focuses on the enhancement of soft skills and communication skills as well as grooming for interviews and placement tests. There would be many sessions held to personally review candidates.

This phase focuses on the following:

  • Placement training
  • Soft skills training
  • Building systems that are robust and scalable
  • Operating Systems and, DBMS and SQL
  • Aptitude test preparations
  • Preparation for HR rounds, technical and non-technical rounds

Features of Career Camp

Live webinar and coding classes conducted by experts

You will get access to expert faculties from the best universities in the world like Stanford and IIT’s. The online classes are fun and interactive. CodeStudio is a platform provided by Coding Ninjas where students can practice coding and also check out interview problems and apply for coding mock interviews.

Get mentored by Industry Veterans

There will be a total of 12 sessions focussing on both technical as well as interpersonal skills. One-on-one Mock interviews with industry experts to help you to land your dream job. The path toward your goals will be made much smoother with access to an expert to clear all your queries. 

Placement Support

Ninjas coding bootcamp is a 12 month career program for programmers and aspiring web developers, with 9 months focusing on learning and the next 12 months focusing on placement. Suitable internship and placement opportunities are customized for your profile. Enhancement of resume and soft skills will be done by the dedicated placement team to ensure you land your dream job.

One-on-one Domain Expert Sessions

If you are interested in excelling on a particular topic such as cloud computing or AI/ML, you can get tips and insights from our one-on-one domain expert session. There will be personal sessions with industry experts to gain a deeper knowledge of desired subjects. This session is not just about gaining more knowledge but also provides an opportunity for double clearance.

Live Projects and Hackathons

Ninjas coding boot camps provide opportunities for candidates to participate in hackathons and coding contests that will help you test your skills against others and compete with them. The candidates can work on a lot of real-world projects and hence take their expertise on their skill to the next level.

Speedy Doubt Resolution Support

The coding bootcamp has a huge network of thousands of alumni. The teaching assistance consists of top performer alumni who are dedicated to clear your doubts at any time. Doubts can be resolved instantly through audio and video calls with a teaching assistant.

Cover Following Topics

Python for data science and machine learning Bootcamp
Data Science Bootcamp
Java Bootcamp
The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp
Machine-Learning Bootcamp
Web Development Bootcamp

Fee Structure

Different payment structure provided is

  • Standard plan: Rs.1,25,000 (All inclusive)
  • Hack plan: Rs 0 as prepaid and 15% of salary for three years (Postpaid payments capped at 3 lakhs).

Payment can be done via Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking methods. You can also opt for a No Cost EMI facility from our NBFC partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the entrance test, do I have to be prepared with both aptitude and programming?

Yes, students need to be prepared for both aptitude and programming evaluations. However, candidates are advised to focus on a single area of expertise more, as one of the two sections need to be cleared in order to be eligible for the career camp.
Students who are good at coding are recommended to concentrate on programming while students who are more comfortable with mathematical or logical problems should focus on the aptitude portion of the test.

What is the duration of the Ninjas’ Career Camp?

The duration of the Ninjas’ Career Camp is estimated to extend to about 9 months; however, including further grooming, placements and interviews, the process might take longer. The courses are completed within 9 months and then other skills are focused upon.

I am a graduate/final year student who has faced rejection in Tech Interviews in the past. Will the situation change after attending the Ninjas’ Career Camp course?

Yes, certainly. Coding Ninjas is a recognised platform across the country and even abroad. Ninjas Career Camp prepares the candidates well enough to be self-sufficient and desired by multiple firms while Coding Ninjas also does everything in its power to get incredible placement opportunities for you.

Is there a guarantee that I will get a job?

Coding Ninjas always tries to ensure that its alumni get the best career options, and it has been upskilling thousands of students till now. Many Coding Ninjas alumni are working in the top IT or software companies, and companies hold this program in high regards. Most chances are that you will get a job with expert help and newly acquired skills. However, if by chance (only Hack Plan) due to any reason, one is unable to get a job, he or she does not require to pay the fees to Coding Ninjas.

How will I benefit from Industry Mentors?

Industry mentors are there to share their experiences and knowledge with you. These industry professionals have the necessary skills to solve your doubts and prepare you for future interviews and job roles as well. These professionals are working in various top corporations and can impart experiences from their companies as well.

Which roles will I be eligible for?

After this course, one will be eligible for multiple Software Development Engineer roles such as Backend Developer, Analyst, Frontend Developer, Database Manager, Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer and UI Developer.

Which companies hire from Coding Ninjas?

Many companies such as Google, Amazon, Flipkart, American Express, Microsoft, Cognizant, Facebook, Bajaj, Schneider Electric and Tech Vedika hire students from Coding Ninjas.

How do I get my doubts resolved?

There are multiple opportunities to get doubts solved, both in interactive webinars and one on one. There are personalised doubt-solving sessions and multiple opportunities to talk to industry experts when candidates have doubts. Coding Ninjas has also ensured that teaching assistants are available on video and audio calls to solve doubts whenever required.

What if I land up in a job by myself or through any other source apart from Coding Ninjas?

Payment conditions will remain unchanged in this case, as Coding Ninjas prepares you for jobs in general and not any particular job. The career camp improves your skills and knowledge, which is one of the fundamental goals of this coding Bootcamp; hence, payment commitments must still be honoured.

Where will the classes be conducted? What are the course timings?

The classes can be attended according to individual needs. Many of the students are working or are in college, so this coding Bootcamp has been designed to be as flexible as possible. It will be quite easy to manage time for the course. However, students are requested to dedicate 15 to 20 hours every week to this course in order to truly extract the maximum value out of this career camp.

What are the salary packages offered after completing the Ninjas Career Camp?

Salaries are being offered to students ranging from 5 lakhs per annum to upwards of 20 lakhs annually. An average Ninja is offered about 7 lakhs per annum with an average internship fetching more than Rs. 20,000 as a monthly stipend.

Key Takeaways

Ninjas Coding bootcamp is the key to improving your skills and also opening up doors for your dream job and opportunities. Ninjas coding bootcamp will take you from beginner to job-ready within 9 months. After the initial 9 months, 12 months is for focussing on placement.

You can enrol for this after attending an entrance exam on fundamental programming and aptitude. If eligible, you can attend the interview. Enrolling in this coding bootcamp will help you improve your coding skills and also get access to experts and you can get tips on how to achieve your dream job.

By Ranjul Arumadi