Meet the Ninja Alumnus

Patience is the ultimate gift of God which not many of us have received. All we want is everything to be achieved within the estimated time. However, this is not how it works. Patience and persistence are the two essential factors which make a person climb the ladder of success. In this blog, we have someone who is gifted with these qualities and we are very proud of him. Let’s get into the blog to know more about him.

About Amit Raj

Hailing from Bihar, Amit moved out from his hometown to Pune to pursue his college. He has completed his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from Sinhgad Academy of Engineering situated in Kondhwa, Pune. Moreover, we are delighted that he has bagged a placement offer from _VOIS as a Graduate Engineer Trainee.

Journey with Coding Ninjas

“Actually during my initial days in college though I was trying to learn coding but whenever I used to solve any question, I always failed in it. Somehow I understood a few of the concepts of array string and linkedlist from YouTube but still while solving questions I couldn’t go beyond writing a halower. That was the scenario! Basically I started coding after my first year in college. After several attempts when nothing worked, I researched a lot about a course that could help me.”

“Afterwhich my friend suggested that I should join Coding Ninjas but I wasn’t sure about it so I took the 7- Days trial and to my surprise I liked the way they taught. Soon after, I discussed it with my parents and got myself enrolled in the Data Structures and Algorithms course along with C++ course and hence, learned a lot from it.”

Are the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas still helping you? 

“Yes,definitely! Whatever I have learned in the start, all of those concepts help me till now. Also, as a matter of fact, even today when I work I have in mind that I have to solve this problem in this way. All credits goes to Ankush Singla sir and Nidhi ma’am as they have taught us very well. Above all of that, I have my notebook from which I revise once in a while and then I am able to solve the questions pretty nicely.”

How are you utilising the course which you have learned at Coding Ninjas?

“I have prepared my own notes and whenever I get time I take a look at them and try to solve some problems. One thing that has stuck in my mind is that the small points through which a question is solved are the most important thing about that particular concept and you should focus on those while practising. Secondly, whatever you learn, you may not remember all of those so while you revise, make a note of it somewhere near to that page. This will help you learn better.”

What did you do differently to get an offer from _VOIS?

“First of all, I kept my concepts of computer fundamentals clear.  Along with that, I used to practise coding daily. There are a few important sections in computer fundamentals such as DBMS, Operating Systems and Computer Network which are very important for any interview. These include aptitude and mathematical questions which I had practised very well and it helped me during my selection process.”

“If I talk about the first phase of the interview with _VOIS, it went well as it had aptitude and coding questions and I was pretty confident about it. In the second phase there was a group discussion in which we were a group of 10 students. Only two students were about to be selected and I was one of those two.”

“Moving forward, my HR rounds were too long and it included situation based questions. In the first one it was more related to my resume while the second HR round was more about situation based questions.”

What are the skills required to grow at _VOIS as a Graduate Engineer Trainee? 

“To enter the IT industry the most important thing is to be well versed with the computer fundamentals like Computer Network and Database Management System. Whichever company may come they will be asking questions from these concepts. Among them the most important is the Database Management System – specifically Sequel and the basics of Operating systems. Lastly, you must know the basics of coding. If you are not well aware of the graphs, never mind but at least you should know the basics of arrays, linked list and stack and queue. These are the basics that one should know.”

What makes you unique on a personal level? 

“According to me I have a lot of patience in me and I work very hard for something I want to achieve in my life.I believe that’s something which sets me apart from the crowd.”

Any career building idea for the budding coder 

“First of all, it is very important to follow a daily routine. While I was a student at Coding Ninjas I used to wake up and start my day by making a plan. Then, according to that plan I used to decide how I can divide the time to manage whatever I had planned for that day.  At the end of the day, I kept a check on what all I could do and what I didn’t. After which I used to revise and end my day. So, what I mean is you should know how to manage your time wisely and smartly.”

Any school of thought that you follow in life?

“There’s no particular school of thought that I follow but I randomly watch podcasts and take note of some of the beneficial steps that could help me in my life. Moreover, as I am entering the IT field, I mostly watch videos which can be of my use. I follow people who have grown in life and have built their career. It’s not like if you follow different people you will become like them, but you can learn some of the good things and apply them in your life.”

Message of the Ninjas’ family!

“For me it was a life changing experience to join Coding Ninjas. It has worked wonders for me in my college days and the takeaways will always be helpful. One thing I would like to convey to the current year students is that try to follow the course and give your hundred percent. Most importantly, make short term goals and try to achieve them.”

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Amit’s journey with Coding Ninjas! If you too want to share your story, do write to us at