Free JavaScript Tutorial By Coding Ninjas

Free JavaScript Tutorial - React JS Frontend Web
Free JavaScript Tutorial - React JS Frontend Web


Frontend web development with React is an advanced front-end web development course with React offered by Coding Ninjas for free.

It is a course having a duration of about 4-5 months. The course includes 100+ videos, 50+ questions with solutions and has thousands of students already enrolled in it.

You will learn front-end web development with React in this course. On completion of the free course, you will receive a free trial completion certificate which you can include in your resume. You can also purchase the full course upon completion of the free trial and get ready to grab your dream job!

JavaScript and ReactJS

Web development is an ever-rising field with continuous changes in technology. The main components of web developments are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When HTML is used for the structure of the web page and CSS is used for design, JavaScript is used for both the front end and back end. 

JavaScript is one of the widely used programming languages by programmers today in web development, but wait, there is more to JS. JavaScript programming language is not limited to only web pages that you see. Its functionality ranges from Televisions, IoT devices, to the development of servers, cross-platform applications, etc.

Most programming languages require you to download their programming environment, but the case with JS is entirely different, all you need is a browser, which is a default in every computer. We can run, test and debug our JS codes in the browser without creating a special environment like other languages, that is one of the pros of learning JS.

JS is a beginner-friendly language, any individual without any prior knowledge in coding can learn JS from the beginning. Also, JS is an Object Oriented Programming language and has many benefits.

One of the main components that lure and keep an individual to a particular web page is its impressive user-friendly front end. React JS being a front-end library of JavaScript makes the user interaction of the web pages very comfortable.

ReactJS is the leading front-end framework in web development. Most widely used applications like Instagram, Facebook, Paypal all use ReactJS as their front end. As you can guess, it is one of the widely used frameworks of front-end developers due to its features and adaptability. 

Moreover, learning ReactJS is way simpler if you have excellent skills in JavaScript. Moreover having a good grasp of JS along with ReactJS stabilises your career path and also increases your earning potential.

So, why wait?. Make your career stable by learning Free JavaScript Tutorials offered by Coding Ninjas.

As a beginner, you would get an overall idea of what JS is, what functions and objects in JS are and brief information to React from the free course mentioned above. As an intermediate, you can level up your skills by joining the free JavaScript Trial course offered by Coding Ninjas.

Thereby, if interested, dive deep into JavaScript and also React. The professionals can master the front-end library of JS, ReactJS offered through Coding Ninjas and create beautiful user-friendly interactive websites.

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Gains from Free JavaScript and React Tutorial

In Free Javascript Tutorial offered by Coding Ninjas, you would get an introduction to

  • JS
  • Objects
  • Functions in brief

Under the Advanced Web Development course you will get an overall idea about:

React: Introduction to React
SPAS V/S MPAS: Difference between Single page apps and Multi-page apps
REACT PHILOSOPHY: What is React’s philosophy?
REACT V/S OTHERS: Why React stand out from other JS libraries and frameworks?
Redux: ALL ABOUT REDUX, What is Redux, why and when do we use it?
SETTING UP THE PROJECT: Setting up the Movie search project
ADDING UI: Start adding components to the project

So, take your step and dive deep into Free JS and React JS with JavaScript Tutorial and advanced front-end web development course with React offered by Coding Ninjas.

Prerequisites for learning JavaScript

For learning JavaScript, it would be good if: 

  • You have some prior coding experience.

 But again, since JavaScript is a beginner-friendly language, you can learn it along the way. For learning React, you should have immense knowledge in JavaScript, as React is one of the libraries of JavaScript, so without learning JS, React would be difficult to learn.

Enhance your skills in JS and become industry-ready by joining the Free JavaScript Tutorial course offered by Coding Ninjas.

Programming Characteristics of JavaScript and React JS

When it comes to Web Development JS is one of the languages having many features. Let us dive into some programming characteristics of JS:

  • JS supports dynamic typing, which means if you have a variable a, you can store any value from string to numbers to array and object, etc,
  • JS is platform-independent. Once a code is written you can almost run it anywhere and everywhere.
  • JS is a lightweight scripting language, as it can only hold data at the browser.
  • JS supports Object-Oriented Programming.
  • JS uses a functional style of approach in coding.
  • JS is an interpreted language, i.e, it is processed line by line.
  • JS is used to check client-side validations, i.e, to check whether the user has entered correct data.
  • JS is a prototype-based language. Instead of classes and objects, we most commonly use prototypes in JavaScript.

When coming to characteristics of React JS

  • ReactJS’s Document Object Model Manipulation (DOM manipulation) is much faster than other frameworks in JavaScript.
  • ReactJS components are written in JavaScript XML (JSX), which is similar to the syntax of HTML. In other words, it is simple to type.
  • The applications made out of ReactJS are component-based, each of which has its own logic and control. The main advantage of these functions is that they are reusable.
  • ReactJS is designed in such a way that it allows the flow of data in a unidirectional style.

 Applications and Projects in JS and ReactJS

After completion of the free trial of JavaScript offered by Coding Ninjas, you can move on to the Advanced Web Development course with React.

If you require some help in your projects or applications check out our premium courses, which gives you a wide range of advantages, and also you will building projects like Mini Calculator, which involves building a web calculator app with JavaScript being its core and using CSS to style it, then Todo List App and much more. These projects will surely give you an idea of how to build a user-friendly interactive website.

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Benefits of Paid course and Trial courses

FeaturesFree coursePaid Course
Access to videos, assignments and problems
Doubt Support
ConceptsBasic and intermediate coveredAdvanced Topic Covered.
CertificatesFree Trial Completion CertificateCourse Completion and Excellence Certificate.
Peer learningx
Placement Assistancex

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn web development certificates for free?

There are many sites where you can learn about web development and get certificates for free. But these give you an overall idea about what web development is but does not give an in-depth knowledge of the same. Coding Ninjas is designed with a focus on the learner and taking certificate courses from them will have a significant impact on your skillset and career.

Where can I learn ReactJS for free?

Many websites offer free React courses, but being free has its limitations, it is good to take up some paid courses to learn ReactJS in-depth such as those courses offered by Coding Ninjas.

How do I learn React for Web development?

You can learn React for Web Development with Coding Ninjas.

What is React?

React is a Javascript library. Its primary use is building user interfaces. Knowledge of Javascript is necessary to start working on React. Continuous practise and building projects using Javascript and React can help you learn them fast.

Why react is so difficult?

If you are a beginner to React without knowing the fundamentals, yes, it is going to be hard to learn React. But, if you have a good grasp of the fundamentals like JavaScript, HTML, CSS then React will be easy to learn or in other words, it will be a piece of cake.

Can I learn react without knowing JavaScript?

No, ReactJS is a library of JavaScript, so without knowing JS, it is not possible to learn React.

Key Takeaways

Web Development is an ever-growing field, with continuous changes in technology. JavaScript being an important language of the web plays an important role in the front-end and back-end. JavaScript involvement is not only restricted to web developments, its range moves across many devices and platforms.

ReactJS, one of the frameworks of JS, being the latest trend in web development, helps to build eye-catching, user-friendly websites. 

This Free JavaScript Tutorial will help you ease your web development learning process.

By Ranjul Arumadi