Best JavaScript UI FrameWork To Use In 2021

Best JavaScript UI Framework To Use In 2021
Best JavaScript UI Framework To Use In 2021


Javascript is one of the most popular and widely used languages in the world today. If you want to see how much you are dependent on the best javascript framework, just disable javascript in your browser; you will see an immediate effect.

You can disable JavaScript on chrome as follows:

  • Open Chrome DevTools. You can open Chrome DevTools by pressing Command+Option+I (Mac) or Control+Shift+I(windows)
  • Press Control+Shift+P or Command+Shift+P (Mac) to open the command menu and search for javascript.
  1. Select disable JavaScript to disable it.

Websites will load faster with no pop-ups or ads, but you will not be able to use the maximum functions of websites. Websites like Google Maps, YouTube won’t even load. 

Google Maps without JavaScript

There are approx two billion websites, and approx 95% of websites use javascript. According to Github’s 2020 survey, JavaScript is the most used language on the planet. To know more about Javascript editor please read this blog.

JavaScript is so popular because it is used in front-end development and server-side scripting, making it stand out from the competition. It is also number one in the stack overflow survey for the eight-year in a row. 

Being so much popular, JavaScript has plenty of frameworks available that it becomes difficult to choose one. In today’s article, we discuss some top Javascript UI frameworks and help you choose the best fit for you. 

What is a Framework and Why Use One?

The framework is a  collection of code libraries that provide you with pre-written code for writing standard programming features and tasks. In other terms, provide you a framework to write your code around.

Frameworks are very adaptable to help a developer design a website very smoothly, and hence developers prefer to use these frameworks. Frameworks make it easier to work with it. Javascript UI framework makes developing a responsive website a cakewalk for developers.

We will discuss the top JavaScript UI framework going forward. The ranking of these frameworks is based mainly on three factors: search volume on Google, the number of jobs on these frameworks, and the future scope of these frameworks.

Without any further due, let’s start with our ranking of top javascript UI frameworks.

Understand the difference between java vs javascript to understand more.


React is the prominently used JavaScript framework since its launch in 2013 by Facebook. It is an open-source javascript framework that is maintained by Facebook and a community of enthusiastic developers. React is ideally suited for building cross-platform applications and single-page applications. React is actually a frontend JavaScript library rather than a framework.

Features of ReactJS

  • React uses JSX(JavaScript XML). It’s a syntax like HTML or XML which makes code readable and manageable.
  • React has a virtual Document Object Model(DOM) for every DOM object, which enhances performance and helps re-render the UI.
  • React makes use of unidirectional data flow, which gives you better data control throughout the website.


Angular is an open-source Javascript framework developed by Google. Angular is very much helpful in creating interactive elements that we see on most websites. Angular is heavily used in making single-page applications. Angular makes testing and making large projects very easy, so it is very popular among developers.

Features of Angular

Angular has a two-way data binding which helps in immediate synchronization between view and model. If anything is altered in view, it is reflected in the model and vice-versa.

  • DOM manipulation is effortless because of the two-way data binding, making it very easy for developers to work with DOM elements.
  • Agular has built-in directives which make scripts mess-free and highly organised.


It is an open-source JavaScript UI framework that has grown very big in very little time, all thanks to its detailed documentation, reusability, and Typescript support. Vue JS is easy to learn, and its demand is continuously growing. Vue JS is very versatile and compact in size. Vue is beneficial for quick prototyping and making modern and high-performance apps.

Features of Vue.JS

  • Vue uses the concept of virtual DOM, which helps to boost its performance.
  • Vue js is compact in size, which makes it easy to use.
  • Vue js uses two-way data binding, which helps in immediate synchronisation between view and model. If anything is altered in view, it is reflected in the model and vice-versa.


Ember JS is an open-source Javascript framework that is based on MVVC (Model view view-model) architecture. Ember js is generally used to develop multi-page web applications. Ember is very flexible and adaptable; you can even define your own document-specific HTML tags.

Ember is one of the best JavaScript frameworks and is increasing at an incredible pace.

Features of EmberJS

  • Ember is very useful in developing multi-page applications.
  • Ember is very much flexible and adaptable.
  • Ember has excellent backward compatibility.
  • Ember js uses HTML and CSS as the core for the development model.


Backbone is a lightweight open-source javascript library that enables you to structure and build client-side applications running in a web browser. It is prominently used to build single-page applications. If you want to develop an application with better UI in less code and excellent features, then  Backbone js is an ideal choice for you.

Features of BackboneJS

  • It allows you to develop a client-side web application that is mobile-friendly in a structured way.
  • Backbone makes developing single-page applications very easy as it uses javascript functions.
  • It offers tonnes of building blocks like models, views, etc., for building client-side web applications.


Meteor.Js was released in 2011 initially with the name Skybreak but was changed to Meteor within a couple of months. Meteor is a full-stack solution for making and deploying web applications. You can use meteor for database management, backend development, and also for frontend development.

Meteor focuses on speed and allows you to make web applications within less time.

Features of Meteor.JS

  • We can build an application that works on multiple platforms like Android and iOS using the same code.
  • Provides a full-stack solution to help you build and deploy your application only using Meteor.
  • Meteor also provides database integration and management using MongoDB.


It is an open-source, cross-platform server-side javascript framework built upon the Google chrome Javascript engine. Node js is one of the most downloaded cross-platform javascript runtime environments. The number of websites using node.js is increasing rapidly.

Node.js shows similar properties like Java’s threading, packaging, etc. Community support of node.js is excellent. Nodejs package manager NPM is the world’s largest package ecosystem.  

Features of Node.JS

  • Node js is built upon the Google chrome Javascript engine, making it one of the fastest code executing libraries.
  • Node.JS is highly scalable.
  • All the APIs are asynchronous, which makes them fast.


The polymer is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Google. It supports both one-way and two-way data binding, which makes it extensively helpful and adaptable. Google developed both angular and polymer but when you compare polymer with angular, there are many differences.

Angular is a comprehensive web framework, whereas polymer is a javascript library that helps you to create a website element without going into more complex levels.

Features of Polymer

  • Polymer APIs are very easy to understand.
  • Polymer documentation is excellent, which makes learning and implementing polymer easy.
  • The polymer has great support for responsive layout and routing.
  • Polymer allows creating our own custom elements using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Mithril is a client-side javascript framework that is prominently used to build single-page applications. Among all the frameworks listed, the mithril is one of the smallest in size and fastest frameworks. It has features similar to React. It replaces the need to use a JavaScript library like JQuery. It helps make interfaces that have high-performance requirements.

Features of Mithril

  • Mithril is very small in size compared to all other frameworks.
  • Mithril is very fast in execution.
  • Mithril is very easy to learn due to its top-notch documentation.


It is one of the youngest frameworks on the list its is based on the latest version of JavaScript and suitable for robust website development. Aurelia can be used to develop mobile and desktop applications, which makes it versatile.

Aurelia has support for Typescript. Aurelia can extend HTML for many purposes, like data binding.

Features of Aurelia

  • Aurelia is one of the cleanest and modern frameworks fully focussed on web standards.
  • Aurelia is very easily extensible. You can add or remove any tool offered by the framework.
  • Aurelia has commercial and enterprise support.

This is the complete list of all the top JavaScript UI framework currently used in the industry. You don’t need to learn all of these frameworks. You should try to choose the framework according to your requirements and the needs of the project. You only need to master one framework that you find helpful. We have tried to give some insight into all these frameworks to choose the best fit for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which JavaScript framework should I learn in 2021?

You should always choose a framework according to your project requirements. But if you go with industry trends, then React, Angular and Vue are some of the most sought frameworks.

Is JavaScript used in 2021?

JavaScript is the most used programming language globally and is used very heavily in the industry right now.

Which Web framework should I learn in 2021?

Some of the top frameworks that you should learn are React, Angular and Vue.

Which front-end framework should I learn 2021?

Angular, React, and Vue are some top frameworks that you should learn in 2021.

Is Front End Developer a good career in 2021?

Front-end developer is a great career in 2021 with increasing web-based services demand of front-end developers is continuously growing.

Is HTML and CSS worth learning in 2021?

Yes, HTML and CSS are worth learning. They help you to develop a sound and robust foundation in web development.

Key Takeaways

In this article, we discussed the JavaScript UI framework and why you should use one. We also prepared a list of top frameworks according to current trends and demands in the industry and discussed frameworks briefly.

By Pranchal Agrahari