Amazon Placement Procedure: Need to know guide

Amazon Placement Procedure Guide


The placement season all across engineering colleges of India is in full swing. Leading organizations from all over the world are flocking to colleges in numbers to procure the best of the best minds available, to add to their arsenal. Amazon, Google, Flipkart, SAPLabs, and other giants of the tech world are some of the biggest names that look for talent in the engineering colleges of the country.

During this time, excitement and tensions among students are at an all-time high!

One of the burning questions that revolve in the minds of students is, “What is the recruitment process of XYZ Company like?”

They often look to seniors and the internet for help, in order to get an idea of the level of preparation needed to crack a given company.

CodingNinjas brings to you the Placement Procedure series, to help you get acquainted with the recruitment processes of all major companies all over the world when it comes to campus placements. Starting off with Amazon, here we go!

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The Amazon Recruitment Process

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One of the largest e-commerce organizations in the world, Amazon is a name that has truly touched each and every life on this planet.

Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon started as a bookstore and later diversified to sell everything under the sun, as we know it now. Adding Amazon Prime media streaming services, Amazon Web Services, and a whole host of other services for its customers, Amazon has become the largest internet company in the world.

Amazon’s offices around the country look to recruit young minds from engineering colleges pan-India. The recruitment process for a SDE-1 (Software Development Engineer, first level) post usually consists of written and online coding rounds, technical interview, and HR or hiring manager rounds.

The Preliminary Round

The written and online coding rounds are the first obstacles that students need to tackle on their way to becoming an SDE for Amazon! The written round consists of two sections, aptitude and technical, and there are a total of 30 minutes for students to answer all questions. Technical questions usually revolve around topics like C++, inheritance, operating systems, and data structures.

The online coding round includes around 3-4 coding questions of intermediate difficulty, on data structures (both basic and advanced). A strong understanding of these data structures is needed to crack the test. Some of the most popular questions asked by Amazon in this round include Kadane’s algorithm, parentheses checker, 0-1 Knapsack, converting an array to a binary search tree, and longest palindromic subsequence.

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Amazon Interviews Process

Once students clear the coding and written rounds, technical, one-on-one interviews are held on-campus. Interviewers usually ask questions related to data structures. There are usually 2 rounds of technical interviews held, with the difficulty of questions increasing as students progress to the second round. The second round is where recruiters place more focus on topics like trees, tries, and binary search trees. Helpful tip- Amazon recruiters focus on edge and corner cases in a problem. The approach to arrive at the solution is more important than the solution itself.

Some campuses may even hold these rounds over the phone, or with a hiring manager, depending on the logistics at the time.

The HR round- The Final Frontier!

This is where students can relax and interact with the interviewer, just before joining the company! Simple HR questions are expected, ranging from interests and hobbies, goals, and future plans. Some HR representatives might even ask simple technical questions, or puzzles/brain teasers. 

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Now that you know what the Amazon recruitment process is like, it is time to hop on to Coding Ninjas and start preparing for a job at the world’s largest e-commerce giant!

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