Coding BootCamps: New Age Supplier Of Technical Talent

Know why students are inclined towards India's largest coding bootcamp
Know why students are inclined towards India's largest coding bootcamp


Today we will be sharing the resourceful learning experience of Maheshwari Prasad Verma, alumni of SR Institute Of Management & Technology, Lucknow. Verma was one of the many students who got placed with the help of India’s largest Online Coding Bootcamps-Career Camp by Coding Ninjas. Today he is successfully placed as a Software Engineer at Tech Vedika. 

The Journey

How did you come across the Career Camp (online coding bootcamp) Programme? 

One of my friends suggested the Career Camp programme to me. He suggested this coding bootcamp because it helped him comprehend the concepts of coding and develop an aptitude for coding. 

Why did you join Career Camp?

I joined Coding Ninjas‘ Career Camp Programme to pursue their Full-Stack Development along with Data Structures & Algorithms with C++ courses respectively. 

How was your experience while studying at Coding Ninjas & Career Camp?

The way the courses are structured here is unique and simple, yet insightful. It has helped me understand the core concepts of the languages that I was learning systematically and in a holistic fashion. 

Another striking feature of this coding bootcamps is its complete course is that is well structured and from basic to mid-level having video lectures. The guidance I received while attempting the problems statements to my project submissions was remarkable. 

Plus, the Placement Support Team is also very supportive and helpful. But, the cherry on top was to get it at a discounted price due to my referral points.  

Technical Interview Procedure

Can you throw some light on the placement procedure at Tech Vedika?

The interview procedure comprised three rounds as follows:

  • First Round: In this round three coding questions based on Strings, Arrays, Dynamic Programming were asked. (You can practice them on CodeStudio)
  • Technical Interview: In this round, some basic questions on JavaScript, Data Structures & Algorithms and OOPS concept were discussed. I was able to give 75% of the answers right and after one day I received a call for the final round.
  • HR Round: In this round, I was mostly questioned on my interests, hobbies and my job profile. 


Verma has been able to complete several projects independently with assistance from his mentors at Career Camp which includes the following: 

Features of Online Coding Bootcamps

The registration for the June 2021 batch of Career Camp, an online coding Bootcamp is open and a student can register for the entrance test on the website. Meanwhile below are some features of Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp, India’s most loved online coding Bootcamp.

Coding Classes & Live Webinars by Expert Faculty:
Our faculty is from the best institutes around the world such as IIT Delhi, Stanford, and more. They also have work experience in tech giants like AmazonFacebookAdobe which makes them exceptional.

Pay When You Land A Job:
Students are given a period of 10 days to pay the lump sum (complete amount) after getting a job offer. If a student chooses to pay through instalments they can pay as per the plan devised by our finance partner with zero interest.

No Security Deposit/No Registration Fee:
There is no registration fee required to be paid by the students when they appear for the entrance test.

Zero Upfront Cost:
In the case of our Hack Plan, Students have an option to either pay a lump sum or in instalments for upto three years. They will have to sign the deferred payment agreement for the Hack plan. Once they are placed they will be expected to pay 15% of their CTC for the next three years

12 Mock Interviews with Industry Experts:
1:1 Mock interviews with industry stalwarts to groom you for your dream job. There will be 12 such sessions focusing on both tech & interpersonal skills.

1:1 Domain Expert Sessions:
Get industry insights & tips from our 1:1 domain expert sessions. There will be 15 such sessions helping you gain depth of knowledge in topics of your interest.

Work On Live Projects & Participate in Hackathons:
Our expert faculty will guide you in building live projects giving you additional talking points in your interviews. Participate in our exclusive hackathons & coding contests to test your skills against your peers.

Dedicated Placement Support:
Internship & placement opportunities are tailormade for your profile. A dedicated placement team for resume building, soft skills grooming to ensure you get your dream job.

Live Doubt Resolution via Audio/Video Call:
Solve your doubts instantly on live chat, audio/video call with a dedicated TA. The TA’s are the top-performing alumni dedicated to supporting and clear doubts at any point in time.

21 Months’ Access To All Course Videos & Questions Asked In Interviews:
Gain access to all course-specific videos curated by our expert faculty and solve questions on various programming topics frequently asked in the interviews of reputed product-based companies.


Verma aspires to become a CTO of a startup soon. And would like to recommend everyone to learn Javascript and frameworks from Coding Ninjas as that will help his peers in getting a job.