Gear Up for TCS Codevita 2021

Gear Up for TCS Codevita 2021
Gear Up for TCS Codevita 2021

One of the most popular and competitive coding contests presents is TCS CodeVita which is organized by TCS every year for various disciples of college students who have a knack for coding. In this contest, people participate from all over the world to win the title of ‘World’s Best Coder’.

Apart from this, TCS organizes lots of competitions like TCS CBO, iBegin, TCS Digital, TCS NQT, Codevita, Inframind, TCS NextStep, TCS HackQuest, and so on.

Why CodeVita 2021?

TCS CodeVita was started in 2012 and since then it inculcates the best coders in the world. Here every year, lakhs of students compete to win the title for Worlds Best Coder and also TCS provides an opportunity to grab placement in TCS. CodeVita being a worldwide competition provides the best way to learn, compete and having fun with coding.

Through this TCS also hires the best programmers around with a package of 3.36 LPA for Ninja profile and LPA package to the digital profile. The tentative last date to get registered for TCS Codevita is 5th July 2021.

Resources to Prepare for TCS CodeVita

Before we jump into understanding the eligibility criteria of TCS CodeVita. Coding Ninjas has launched the best course for complete preparation of TCS CodeVita Interviews, IBM, Infosys, and other similar exams and companies.

Course Highlights:

  • Covers everything you need to learn, Programming(C++/Java/Python), Aptitude(Quantitative Analysis, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning).
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  • Coding Ninjas Placement Cell access.

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TCS CodeVita Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from the field of programming who are graduating in the years 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  • No compulsions for Universities or colleges.
  • Graduates and Post Graduates can be from any specialisation.

TCS CodeVita Qualifier Rounds

  • Events
  • Registration
  • Pre-Qualifier Zonal Round
  • Qualifier Round
  • Grand Finale

Different stages of TCS CodeVita

Pre-Qualifier Zonal Round: This round will have a window of 24 hours and each candidate will get 6 hours to solve this round. In India, there will be two zonal rounds and each candidate will have to participate in the contest from the same zone. The questions will be based on C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby..

Qualifier Round: Those who qualify for the pre-qualifier zonal round are eligible to participate in this round across the world. In this test, the candidate will be given six hours to solve the questions of the round.

Grand Finale: This round will be conducted in any of the offices of India. Only the top three will be declared as the winners of this contest and will also win a reward of 20000 USD to the top three coders.

Important Topics –

How to prepare for TCS CodeVita?

  • Practise a lot of data structure and algorithm questions which will improve your logic building and solution building abilities within a time limit.
  • Start with the basics and practise on various sites as –
    • Hackerrank
  • Also, try participating in various competitive coding contests across various sites like:
  • Practise previous year questions of CodeVita and try to get some idea of which type of questions are asked in the actual contest.

Keep on checking the TCS CodeVita site for upcoming timelines of the 2021 exam.

Problems to prepare for TCS CodeVita

  • GCD, LCM, Fibonacci, prime factor, pattern print should be widely practised.
  • Advanced topics like:
    • Segment trees
    • Max flow pattern
    • BFS
    • DFS
    • Coin change
    • Knapsack
    • Min cost path
    • N queens problem
    • Knights tour
    • DFS with memorisation

Pattern of interview after you have qualified the first round:

  • Technical Interview
  • HR interview
  • Managerial Round

All the rounds are elimination rounds that are, every round can eliminate candidates based on their interviews. These rounds will test your technical skills along with behavioural fit to the organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TCS hire through CodeVita?

Yes, TCS hire for various profiles from CodeVita having package around 3.36 LPA for Ninja profile to around 7 LPA for digital profile.

Is TCS CodeVita easy?

With proper preparation strategy and planning It is easier to score a decent rank in CodeVita. Although for winning the competition one must have strong skills in coding as the final rounds will be a competition among the world’s best coders.

Is TCS CodeVita postponed?

As such no information about postponing CodeVita 2021 is there, although we might expect some delay pertaining to the COVID situation.

How can I prepare for TCS CodeVita 2021?

TCS CodeVita challenges the technical skills in coding and also test persistence for the same. Proper and consistent practise of various coding problems are needed along with experience in competitive programming might come handy. Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms are necessary. You can also checkout Coding Ninjas courses for getting you a head start.

Is it good to join TCS as a fresher?

TCS is one of the leading IT companies in the world. This provides you with an opportunity to learn a vast amount of knowledge through projects, seniors, colleagues etc. TCS deals with various domains of the real world and hence you can have projects pertaining to your interest. As a fresher, TCS will provide a platform to learn and progress in your career.

What type of questions are asked in TCS CodeVita 2021?

TCS CodeVita asks easy to medium coding question in preliminary rounds and taking the difficulty of questions to higher level in the consequent rounds. These questions might include Segment trees, DFS, BFS, KMP algorithm, Coin change, knapsack etc. Having a strong knowledge of logic building and DS algo will give you a boost to win CodeVita.


TCS CodeVita is one of the most renowned contests around the world. Having a decent rank or achievement in this contest will definitely have a good impact on your career. Even if you are giving this for the first time, participation is the first step to increase your confidence.

You can also check the Coding Ninjas’ CodeStudio to practice data structure and algorithm questions and increase your confidence and chances of winning the competition. Personally, I would suggest taking part in as many contests as you can as experiences in these will never go in vain.

If you’re preparing for the ACM-ICPC 2021, please read this blog.

Hope this article provides you with all the necessary information to prepare and plan for TCS CodeVita and helps you in cracking it too. Developers and programmers should not lose this opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge among the best in the world.

Solve previous year questions and eligible in this link.

By Aniruddha Guin