Check out the best C & C++ books

Check out the best C & C++ books
Check out the best C & C++ books

Are you a beginner in exploring C and C++? Starting with a book is a significant idea! Every technical detail will be clearly explained in books.

So, what are you waiting for? Learning these languages practically is not enough to learn a language entirely. These 10 books listed below will provide you with all the information about both the languages.

C and C++ are one of the oldest programming languages. C is the base language and the other one is the advancement of the C language. Both languages provide a path to create multiple ideas ceaselessly. When you are looking for better language between them, it entirely depends on the requirements.

Every language has its own pros and cons. C and C++ have their own constraints too. The listed books will give you a clear idea of all the topics. You need to choose the best of all the books.

Best C programme books

1.  Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide (3rd edition)

This book is written by Greg Perry. It is the best C programming book for a beginner that involves the teaching of all the basics distinctly. Practical instructions are given for developing games and mobile applications.

 Let’s take a tour of the topics covered by the book, C program parts, tools used in different Operating Systems, user-side response, output generation, information storage, and using functions to make programs simple. This book aids you to learn with fun and interest. You could say learning C Programming is entertaining and easy. I would suggest this book for sure if you are a beginner.

2. C in a Nutshell: The definitive reference

This book is penned by Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford. It is an 824-long page book with explanations for proficient C programmers. GNU’s Not Unix (GNU), building programs, testing, and debugging your code is covered in this book.

The First Segment of the book includes character, points, memory management. The second half teaches the libraries used in programming and the last part is the explanation of the tools used in C programming.

This second edition book provides an introduction to IDEs and an explanation of multithreading as bonus information. It is comprehensive and easy to quickly understand concepts.

3. C Programming: A Modern Approach

K.N.King, associate professor at Georgia State University is the author of C Programming: A Modern Approach. He has published a few programming books for Java, C++.  As the title suggests, approaching the basics and advanced topics are cleverly explained for both beginners and proficient programmers.

The first edition of the book was a massive hit as it helped programmers from beginner level to expert level. It remained most of the educational institution’s standard C programming book for over 10 years.

The next edition (2nd edition) was published in the year 2008, with the updated features and latest standards. The second edition has many additional projects and tasks to help students master C programming. If you are starting with the C program and want to excel in it, start with this book right now.

4. Computer fundamentals and Programming in C

Reema Thareja’s 2nd edition of Computer fundamentals and Programming in C covers computer fundamentals and Basic programming in C. The author is currently an assistant professor at the University of Delhi. The book is a 544-page long book which comprehends C programming.

Computer fundamentals and Programming in C is a complete student edition book. Topics covered are separated into two portions, Part 1 wraps up computer basics, I/O (Input-Output) devices, memory devices, number systems, application software, computer networks.

Part 2 counterbalances with the basics of C and key data structures. The book is written in a cogent manner providing case studies, exercises at the end of the chapter, key points, and some illustrations. If you are an undergraduate engineering student, willing to start your career with C programming, go for the book.

5. Learn C the hard way

“Learn C the hard way ” is a book written by Zed A. Shaw.  It holds advanced C language concepts.

The book holds 52 brainstorming exercises. The codes are distinctly explained by Zed with the DVDs attached. You will gradually learn modern C programming and to spot your own errors.

To Excel in C language, the author clears out certain topics which include Basic syntax, arrays, strings, Memory allocation, libraries, stacks and queues, Operators, variables, and data types. All the information about the book sounds fun, right? Get your book and become an expert.

Best C++ programming language books

1. A tour of C++ 

This book is written by Bjarne Stroustrup is a brief passage from “The C++ Programming Language”. Stroustrup is the original author of the C++ language. It is very comprehensive about modern C++. If you are a proficient C++ programmer, definitely go for this book. It will have all the up-to-date C++ as it is pictured by the author himself.

A tour of C++ features object-oriented programming language and programming formats they support. As the name suggests, it is a tour of C++ starting with the basics gradually moving to the advancement in C++ including lambda, expressions, concurrency, etc. Finally concluding it with evolution and design of C++.

Providing a shorter and precise tour of modern C++ is the main Motto of the book. If you are currently a C++ programmer and want to update C++, modern C++ is clearly explained by Bjarne Stroustrup. When you learn, you need to choose the right author like Bjarne Stroustrup. Knowing the language completely, the author would give more specifications which is the major advantage.

2. C++ Primer

Stanley B.Lippman’s ‘C++ Primer’ is considered one of the best books to learn programming which contains 1000 pages. Novice to expert programmers can learn with this book. No specific Programming level is needed. Certain examples are provided to check your skill level and get expertise with the book beginning from scratch.

The fifth edition of the C++ primer features an enhanced lay-flat binding. It aids in building robust programs quickly with the standard libraries. Developing and mastering C++ coding skills is covered by the book.

All the technical/core concepts are explicitly discussed and beginners to C++ language have their own set of tutorials. It is considered the best selling book of C++ as any level of programmers can benefit through this book.

3. A Detailed Approach to Practical Coding

Nathan Clark penned the book “A Detailed Approach to Practical Coding”. It has 86 practical examples for better understanding. Every concept is given practical examples for practice and corresponding outputs are provided to compare it with your own outputs.

Isn’t it quite interesting to interact with books? Few topics covered by the book: Functions, Operators, Strings, Classes and Objects, Pointers, Data structures, Data types, Modifier types, Numbers and Arrays. Finding a book interesting and easy is quite difficult.

It is a 153 – page book with the best introduction to start off being a novice programmer. The author comprehensively explains concepts that any level of a programmer could follow. Interestingly, the author delved into every ‘rabbit hole’ in this language. To gain practical knowledge, get your book right now, and begin coding.

4. C++: A Complete Reference

C++: A Complete Reference is written by Kyle Loudon covers both the programming languages concepts but focuses more on the language. The book provides information to all levels of programmers. Concentrated more on the basics “A complete reference” is a hit book among students learning their first Programming language.

Practical examples and codes are additionally given for better understanding. If you are a Novice programmer, definitely go for this book.

5. Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example

Scott Meyers is the author of the book. It is advanced learning of C++ holding concepts of except specification, smart pointer makes functions, perfect forwarding. Proper usage of lambda expressions is explained and modern C++ is the chief concept covered in the book.

It is entirely on the advanced and updates in this programming. If you are proficient in the language and want to update to modern, accelerated it is a good choice.


Listed above are five best C books and 5 best C++ books, choosing the better option among them is your choice. Each book counterbalances different levels of programmers, the one best book among all is up to you.

Learning a powerful programming language will create a path for your future. Hopefully, the description we provided for each book will aid you to choose the right one. To excel in your programming languages, you should have both practical knowledge and up-to-date concepts. To master this, starting with a book is a great idea!

Winding up the top 10 C and C++ books, choose the better programming book and start right now. The future is waiting for a good programmer, be the one!

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