Coding Ninjas Career Camp Programme Updated in 2021

Coding Ninjas Career Camp Program
Course structure for coding ninjas

Do you want to be a Full Stack Web Developer and land your dream job? The job market is hot right now for Full Stack Web Developers. If you have the updated skills and love to learn more, then you can easily get your dream job in a top tech company.

Being a full-stack developer in today’s industry is not a cakewalk. Essentially, you are going to be the one who bridges the gap between ideas and final products with creativity and sound technical knowledge. In Career Camp, we are aiming to help you build these skills and be industry ready in a short time of 6 months.

Excited? Well, you can opt for the Coding Ninjas Career Camp. It’s an intensive 6-month program, which will help you become a Full Stack Web Developer. There will be 60 classes in total. Each week of this 6-month program is rich with courses and is going to be intense.

Here is the course structure for the Full Stack Web Development course in Coding Ninjas:

Week 1-16: Intro to programming and basic data structures

In the beginning, we introduce you to the basics of programming, including basic data structures and Algorithms. The basics of programming have been included as the first step because it will help develop your foundation for the next few weeks. 

In the first few classes, we make sure you understand the basic things such as programming fundamentals and many other quintessential things. 

We also give coding assignments to help build your coding skills. Plus, you can watch the video lectures and even interact online to get your doubts cleared. Coding Ninjas will also host real-time webinars with mentors and industry professionals to help your programming.

Week 17-24: Front end web development using HTML, CSS and JS

Are you interested to know how to develop something like Google? Web development will be tackled in two parts: Front end web development and backend development. During the course of these weeks, we teach you the basics of HTML and CSS. Following this, we teach the basics as well as advanced concepts of JavaScript (JS) and how to apply it in your web projects. This will act as a resume building project for the students.

After you are introduced to CSS, we teach you Chrome Dev Tools with hands-on experience at a mini-project. Following this, we will teach the students how to play with CSS to pixels, and text-styling. 

Other important concepts such as browser storage and JQuery will be taught as well. Not only this, but we will also be working on a major project that will help us incorporate JS properly into your resume. To give you a better edge over the normal students, we will give you the know-how of creating interactive and eye-catching elements with intuitive animations and whatnot. To cement this knowledge and expertise, we will incorporate another mini-project.

Week 25-32: Backend Development using NodeJs and MongoDB

NodeJs-based stacks are getting quite popular nowadays. Plus, NodeJs gives you access to high-quality libraries too. If you add MongoDB (a NoSQL storage) with it, you can propel yourself forward in your journey to become a Full Stack Web Developer. From setting up a server after learning Node.JS to using forms and HTTP requests properly, we teach you everything that you need to be ready for the real world jobs. 

In these weeks, we teach you the working of NodeJS and how it can help you with the backend development of web apps or web development. After you are well versed with the concepts, we give a mini-project to work on. This will round up the edges in your understanding. An example of the mini-project would be to work on a demo contacts list. 

Week 33-36: Advanced Data structures and Projects using NodeJs and ReactJs

By the time you enter Week 16, you would already know front end web development. Following this, we introduce you to the all-important languages, i.e. NodeJs and MongoDB. Well, now, it’s time to advance your knowledge a little bit. During this week, we engage you with a couple of interesting projects using NodeJs. 

You will be introduced to another modern tool used in web development – ReactJs. During these weeks, you get to dive into building advanced data structures using NodeJs and ReactJs.

After the students are well versed with JS and related technologies, the next step is to learn skills that are most important when it comes to real-world full-stack development. First, the students are explained how to use APIs and build products in a collaborative manner. Important practices such as JSON and FETCH+AJAX are taught as well.  

Week 37 onwards: More work on projects, mock interviews, resume building

Finally, it’s time to prepare you for job recruitment. You are given more advanced, industry-level projects to check your preparation level. Along with it, we conduct mock interviews during these final few weeks. 

Coding Ninjas provide industry-level interviews from experienced professionals who will make sure that you are well-prepared to ace any interview. Only skills may not land you your dream job, though. That’s why you can also take the assistance of Coding Ninjas faculty to help build you a solid resume and a proper GitHub profile. 

Once we have created an impeccable resume for you, we will start conducting mock interviews among ourselves. To make the most out of this exercise, we have used insights from experienced folks to simulate a real interview experience for you in the mock interview. Now comes the most important part – where we align interviews for you with the companies.

By following this process, we make sure that you land the dream job that you’ve always wanted.

So, get yourself hitched with the 6-month Coding Ninja Career Camp. Learn from the best and land your dream job as a Full Stack Web Developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the entrance test, do I have to be prepared with both Aptitude and Programming?

The entrance test structure is as follows:
Focus Areas: Aptitude and Basic Coding Skills
Test duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 15 MCQ + 3 Coding Questions

You would need to score well in at least one section for clearing the test, so focus on your strengths and manage your time effectively.

What is the Duration of the Ninjas Career Camp?

The total duration of the course is 21 months. The initial 9 months will be focussing on learning essential concepts & the next 12 months on getting you placed. The period has been kept in such a way that along with the Technical assessments, we give you a complete heads-up for different rounds of Interview also.

I am a Graduate/Final Year Student who has faced rejection in Tech Interviews in the past. Will the situation change after attending the Ninjas Career Camp course?

Yes, the situation will definitely change after attending the Ninjas Career Camp course. The curriculum has been specially designed considering that with the level of knowledge attained during the Ninjas Career Camp course, you should be able to answer all the Technical questions and crack the technical interviews quite smoothly. Our syllabus is aligned in such a way that the learning is kept practical and you get to practice a lot during these 21 months.

Is there a guarantee that I will get a Job?

Coding Ninjas is known for keeping its words and is a reliable brand in the Ed-tech Industry with a set of around 50,000+ upskilled engineering students. We create a profile for each enrolled student, prepare a resume, arrange mock interview sessions, and do our best to assist students in landing up in their dream Tech job. Even for some reason, a student doesn’t get a job, they do not have to pay at all in the “Hack plan”.

How will I benefit from Industry Mentors?

Industry Mentors are the experts from reputed educational institutes and companies who have proven competencies in software fields and are the capable guides to assist you in choosing your future steps in the IT sector. They will conduct 12 mock interviews with you on a 1:1 basis and provide you with a detailed report about your performance, for improvement.

Which roles will I be eligible for?

We are currently offering a Full Stack Web Development course along with Data Structures and Algorithms.
This helps you in working as a :
Full Stack Developer.
Front-end Developer.
Server-side Developer.

Which companies hire from Coding Ninjas?

There are 200+ IT companies who have hired our students in the past. Now we have even collaborated with Hirist for placements. Top-notch companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart Labs, AWS, Microsoft, Zomato hire Career Camp students.

How do I get my doubts resolved?

We have a team of 6 Expert Instructors, 50 Industry Mentors, and more than 100+ Teaching Assistants to help resolve the problems online on almost a real-time basis. You just need to raise a doubt and write a description of your issue. Doubts get resolved via voice call, video call and screen sharing.

What if I land up in a job by myself or through any other source apart from Coding Ninjas?

Job is the ultimate goal for which you and the career camp team are working together. We make you totally “industry-ready” and prepare you for clearing any Technical Interview. Even if you get a job via outer channels, it will be considered as a job only and all the conditions will remain unaltered.

Where will the classes be conducted? What are the course timings?

The classes will be conducted virtually only. The course has been designed in such a way that you will have access to all the Online Videos and other content such as assessments, tests, and quizzes, anywhere and at any point in time.

What are the salary packages offered after completing the Ninjas Career Camp?

Typically, a Coding Ninjas Career Camp student gets an average salary package between Rs. 5 lakh per annum to Rs. 20 lakh per annum. Based on your profile and interest you can select to apply to firms that come for hiring. In case you do not get any job then you will not be liable to pay us anything at all (for the Hack plan).

Key Takeaways

Coding Ninjas reboot Career Camp comes as a boon for candidates who couldn’t pursue their degree because of any unforeseen circumstances. It provides placement opportunities to students who have dropped their college studies. There are many meritorious students out there who have a passion for Software Development but aren’t able to focus on their upskilling because of multitasking or ambiguity. Definitely register for this coding boot camp, if you wish that your skills are duly recognised by the employers and you earn your dream job, as you pay only after placements. 

The prime advantage of being enrolled in a coding bootcamp is that they allow you to pay after the completion of the placement course. Not only videos and assignments, but a coding bootcamp also provides mock interviews and soft-skill development opportunities for its candidates. Coding Ninjas has extended a helping hand to students, irrespective of their year of study or branch, by updating the terms of the Ninjas Career Camp“0 upfront cost, 0 security deposit or registration fee”. Pay only when you land a job!

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